Paul Murphy Plastics Engineers a Cord Guide Solution for the Appliance Industry

May 4, 2021

Summary: In a collaborative project with a leading appliance manufacturer, Paul Murphy Plastics leveraged its extensive expertise in plastic extrusions, adhesive applications, and punching capabilities to deliver a precision-engineered cord guide. The cord guide, a crucial component for securing electrical cords to wand assemblies, surpassed the customer’s quality and performance expectations, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced operational costs for the client.

Industry: Appliance Manufacturing
Category: Cord Guide Extrusion
Processes: Adhesive Application, Punching, Plastic Extrusion, Quality Inspection

Our customer, a key player in the appliance industry, came to us with a specific need for a new cord guide for their wand assemblies. They sought a partner who could meet their exacting specifications in a cost-effective and timely manner, looking for improvements in both quality and efficiency.

The client chose us due to our established reputation for delivering high-quality, customized plastic extrusions. Our expertise in adhesive applications and punching, backed by our commitment to timely delivery and cost-efficiency, made us a compelling choice. This trust we’ve earned from our many valued customers further solidified their decision to partner with us for their project needs.

We set out to engineer a cord guide made of integrally colored rigid polyvinyl chloride. With dimensions measuring 1.1″ wide x 0.65″ high and a cord hold area of 0.010″, we utilized our adhesive application expertise to ensure a secure bond. Our specialized punching capabilities were instrumental in achieving the exact profile dimensions. A separate surface treatment process gave the cord guide its desired matte finish.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we conducted rigorous inspections. These checks included confirming profile dimensions, testing adhesive bonds, and performing a twist-over-length quantification. We met the customer’s strict requirements to a tee, and in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Our custom-engineered cord guide solution met the customer’s strict requirements flawlessly, delivered on time and within budget. This successful collaboration has further cemented our role as a trusted partner for specialized engineering needs in the appliance industry.

Our customer’s satisfaction is paramount; we give every project our focus, effort, and full investment. Let Paul Murphy Plastics provide your project with the attention it deserves. See below for more information or contact us today.


Cord Guide Extrusion ProjectThis cord guide is used to secure an electrical cord to a wand assembly.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Primary:
  • Extrusion
  • Secondary:
  • Adhesive Application
  • Punching



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