Extrusion of a Locating Strip for the Automotive Industry

May 4, 2021

Summary: Paul Murphy Plastics, has proven its capability to innovate within the field of quality extrusion projects. Answering the call from an automotive seating supplier, they developed a specialized trim strip to facilitate the accurate alignment and adherence of dual fabrics on a seat cover. This custom extrusion not only enhanced the assembly process but also fulfilled rigorous industry standards, leading to patented advances for their client, exemplifying Paul Murphy Plastics’ commitment to exceeding expectations and tailoring solutions to unique project demands.

Industry: Automotive
Category: Custom Trim Strip Extrusion
Processes: Custom Extrusion Design, Notching Press Pattern Creation, Compliance with FMVSS and AIAG Standards

The automotive industry demands the utmost precision, especially when it comes to the complexities of seat cover design and fabrication. A customer approached us with a particularly intricate challenge: ensuring accurate alignment of two different fabrics and proper foam adherence for seat covers. They sought a robust, yet elegant solution to maintain seam placement during assembly.

With a reputation for delivering quality and innovation, we began to tackle this intricate project. Following customer specifications, we developed an extrusion that measured 0.900″ wide x 0.100″ long x 0.002″ thick, using custom blended polyolefin. To facilitate precise fabric alignment, we employed a notching press, creating a pattern that could be sewn directly into the seam where the two fabrics met.

Once the seat cover was stitched, the extrusion’s tab played a crucial role in adhering the foam fill to the cover. Upon foam attachment, a segment of the extrusion was removed, resulting in a sleek and finished seat cover. Rigorous inspections and tests were conducted to confirm profile dimensions, verify straightness over the length, and to test the tear-off feature, ensuring compliance with FMVSS and AIAG standards.

The customer was thrilled with the end product, and the innovative design even resulted in patent awards for them. In an industry where every detail counts, our custom solution proved to be a game-changer, raising the bar for automotive seating design and manufacturing.

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Trim Strip ExtrusionStrip sewn during assembly of automotive seat cover and subsequently used to locate cover during foam application process.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Primary:
  • Extrusion
  • Secondary:
  • Notching
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
  • Extruder
  • Notching Press
Overall Part Dimensions
  • Length: Varies
  • Height .900″
  • Width .100″
Tightest TolerancesSeam Thickness: 0.002”
Material UsedCustom blended polyolefin
Material FinishTransparent
In process testing/inspection performed
  • Profile Dimensions Confirmed
  • Straightness Over Length Verified
  • Notching Locations Verified
  • Destructive testing to verify tear-off feature
Industry for UseAutomotive Seating OEM
Delivery LocationUSA and Overseas
Standards Met
  • Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing,
  • FMVSS and AIAG Requirements
Product NameTrim Strip




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