Extrusion of a Plastic T-Tube for the Automation Equipment Industry

May 4, 2021

Summary: Paul Murphy Plastics, renowned for its dedication to craftsmanship and precision, recently partnered with a leader in the automation equipment industry to produce a custom T-Tube for a rivet gun. This specialized project demanded adherence to strict tolerances and maintenance of non-circular diameters, which presented a significant challenge. Leveraging their extensive expertise in plastic extrusion, the team at Paul Murphy Plastics not only met but exceeded the project’s demands, reinforcing their reputation for delivering exceptional quality and precise specifications under stringent requirements.

Industry: Automation Equipment
Category: Custom T-Tube Extrusion for Rivet Gun
Processes: Precision Plastic Extrusion, Material Cutting, Non-Circular Diameter Shaping, Transparent Coating Application, Profile Dimension Inspection

In the bustling world of automation equipment manufacturing, the right components can mean the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Faced with the need for a highly precise T-Tube for a rivet gun, a key player in the industry turned to Paul Murphy Plastics—a decision underpinned by trust forged through a history of exceptional delivery and professional acumen.

The project brief was demanding: a polyvinyl chloride T-Tube with exacting dimensions and a non-circular diameter, vital for the precise operation of a rivet gun. The stringent tolerances required for this component were beyond the standard scope of many in the field, making it a daunting task for lesser-equipped manufacturers.

With a reputation cemented by the trust of numerous valued customers, Paul Murphy Plastics stood out for their unwavering commitment to quality. Their team, a tapestry of skilled professionals, was well-versed in translating complex requirements into tangible, high-performing products.

Through a meticulous process, informed by a detailed 2D drawing, the team extruded and cut the material with surgical precision—0.40″ in length and 0.25″ in width. The T-Tube’s non-circular diameter, a challenge that tested the boundaries of extrusion technology, was executed flawlessly, embodying the team’s ability to confront and conquer technical challenges.

Upon completion, the T-Tube was finished with a transparent coating and subjected to rigorous inspection. Profile dimensions were confirmed, and a rivet pass verification was conducted, ensuring the part performed to the highest standard. The client’s commendation was a testament to the successful partnership and the high-caliber work of Paul Murphy Plastics.

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Quality T-Tube Extrusion ProjectThis T-Tube is used as the feed tube for a rivet gun.
Extrusion Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Primary:
  • Extrusion
  • Secondary:
  • Cutting
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
  • Extruder
  • Automated Length Cutter
Overall Part Dimensions
  • Height .375″
  • Width .425″
Tightest TolerancesParallelism of rivet opening: 0.007″
Material UsedPolyvinyl Chloride
Material FinishTransparent
In process testing/inspection performed
  • Profile Dimensions Confirmed
  • Rivet Pass Verification Along Length
Industry for UseAutomation Equipment
Delivery LocationMidwest, USA
Standards MetCustomer Specifications, 2D Drawing
Product NameT-Tube




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