What is Co-extrusion Technology?

October 5, 2022

The characteristics of co-extrusion extrusion technology are that the substrate layer and the adhesive layer are completely fused and the extruded film itself is integrally formed, and there will be no glue residue after long-term lamination. It can be customized to achieve the purpose of cost reduction and process simplification.

What is Co-extrusion Technology?
Extrusion is the composition of one or more than one thermoplastic in molten form to achieve a desired shape or shape. The extrusion process is important for combining different polymers and combining for certain applications. The formed merge then goes directly into a custom mold to create the desired shape.

The characteristics of co-extrusion extrusion technology uses two or more plastic materials, melt into liquid at high temperature, and enter a precision die head. The internal flow channel system is designed to combine the melt and glue, and then it is shaped by a cooling wheel. After rewinding, the base material layer and the adhesive layer are completely fused, and the body is formed.

Co-extrusion technology provides film multilayer structures with stronger interfacial properties. Since two or more plastic materials are extruded by high-temperature heating, the finished product will have different plastic functions. And the extruded adhesive film itself, which is completely fused with the base material layer and the adhesive layer, is integrally formed, and there will be no adhesive residue after long-term lamination, which is the biggest difference from the traditional coated protective film. Using co-extrusion extrusion technology, it is possible to adjust the appropriate plastic composition formula according to product functions or customer needs and does not require a secondary coating to process adhesive materials, to reduce costs and simplify the process.

The purpose of co-extrusion is to obtain a film with various characteristics combined into one, and the film cannot be realized by a single-layer structure, it is necessary to use co-extrusion technology to make it. The film and the adhesive layer are integrally formed, so there will be no adhesive residue in high temperatures and high humidity. The solvent-free production process is in line with green environmental protection. It has excellent characteristics of impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and strong surface protection. Various formulations can be prepared and easily customized.

  • Physical properties.
  • Mechanical properties.
  • Transparency.
  • Barrier properties.
  • The processing performance is improved.
  • Lower cost.

What are the Advantages of Using Co-extrusion Technology?

  1. Physical properties / mechanical properties:
  • Increase hardness through polymer selection.
  • Reduced hardness to improve thermoforming properties.
  • Use high-strength raw materials to reduce film thickness without losing key properties.
  • Increased tensile strength and improved shear resistance.
  • Use multiple thin layers to improve thermal performance.
  • High-temperature resistance.
  • Low-temperature flexibility.
  • Controllable shrinkage.
  • Stress retention.

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