Comprehensive Study on Waterstops

November 14, 2022

Waterstops are used to avoid the movement of the water through the construction joints and movement joints. Construction joints of the liquid retaining structures neet to be provided with a water bar.

The selection of the water bars shall be made based on the nature of the construction and its applicability. All the types waterstops cannot be used in every concrete structure.

Waterstops are not used along within structures. They need to be connected with the other waterproofing systems. The following occasions can be identified as locations where we use waterstops.

In addition, different types of waterstops are not used in the same structure due to their compatibility. For example, it is very difficult to lay the steel water bare with PVC water bars.

Mostly in the following structures water stops are used.

  • Basement walls
  • Basement slabs, raft foundation when used as the basement floor.
  • Subway and Tunnels
  • Canals
  • Spillway walls and ogee
  • Other liquid retaining structures

Commonly, water stops are placed at the construction joints, contraction joints, movement joints, and expansion joints. If there are water tightness requirements, the only option to avoid it is the water stop.

Let’s discuss different types of water stops.

  • PVC waterstops
  • Rubber waterstops
  • Metalic waterstops
  • Bentonite waterstops
  • Hydrophilic waterstops
  • PVC Waterstops
  • PVC waterstops are widely used construction. They are very easy to use and handle at the site and also the cost also comparatively reasonable.

PVC waterstop is used for the movement joints and expansion joints due to its ability to bear the movement of the structures.

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