Paul Murphy Plastics: Explores Types of Waterstops for Construction Projects

July 19, 2023

As stated by Civil Digital, waterstops used in construction industry serve a crucial role in preventing water seepage in various structures. Depending on the application and product availability, major types of waterstops are used, with Fosroc and Sika being common suppliers of waterbars. The selection of the appropriate waterstop depends on factors such as the type of structure, level of exposure, and construction method. Water stops come in different shapes and materials.

Types of waterstops based on the material:

  • PVC Waterstop: PVC waterstop is the most common type and features high tensile strength, resistance to acids, diesel oil, chlorinated water, and other chemical liquids. It does not cause concrete discoloration or electrolytic action with the surrounding reinforcement. The material possesses excellent inherent elasticity and impermeability, and installation is relatively easy by tethering the outer flanges to adjacent reinforcing bars.

  • HDPE Waterstop: Made of high-density polyethylene material, HDPE waterstop is known for its strength, durability, and resistance to temperature changes. It is not prone to swelling action and can withstand oxidants and reducing agents. HDPE waterstops find applications in primary and secondary containment structures, sewage treatment facilities, and chemical plants.

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