Paul Murphy Plastics: Mastering the Heat Challenge in Extrusion

September 13, 2023

In the intricate world of extrusion, where plastic materials transform into innovative solutions, there’s a hidden enemy: heat. As elucidated in the article “Extruders Need to Beat the Heat, Too” from Plastics Today, heat is essentially the motion of molecules. Every substance, from water to the air, and yes, even plastics, is composed of these tiny entities. It’s all chemistry, no magic tricks.

But why is heat a challenge in extrusion? Well, think of how we humans cool down – sweating. It’s a biological process where 540 calories are lost for every gram of water that evaporates from our bodies into the air. However, this cooling mechanism relies on the air’s humidity. When the air is already saturated with moisture, we can’t cool off effectively by sweating.

Now, here’s the catch: an extruder faces a similar heat challenge, but it can’t take a cold shower or grab a refreshing drink. It can’t even break a sweat! Instead, it relies on mechanisms like fans to beat the heat.

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