Paul Murphy Plastics: The Science of Extrusion Unveiled 

October 19, 2023

In the world of plastic extrusion, understanding the physics behind the process is paramount. The article “The Physics of Extrusion” provides valuable insights into the science that governs extrusion.

Last month, we delved into the importance of heat in extrusion, the energy that transforms raw material into extruded products. Heat plays a vital role, making materials soft and malleable for the extrusion process. The physics of heat, a form of energy, is a fundamental concept in extrusion, and it’s intriguing to note that there’s no such thing as “cold.”

This month, the focus shifts to another essential aspect of physics that impacts our daily lives: gravity. Gravity is what gives weight to objects. Everything in the universe attracts everything else. Earth’s gravity pulls everything towards its center, causing objects to fall when released, like a ball dropping “down” to the Earth. Understanding these principles of gravity is crucial in various aspects of life, including extrusion.

When it comes to extrusion, gravity plays a significant role in the shaping of extrudates. As materials exit the die, gravity causes them to sag or deviate from their desired shape. Melt temperature also plays a role, as higher temperatures reduce material viscosity, potentially increasing sag.

Furthermore, the article introduces the concept of wave motion. It explains that energy travels in spurts, influenced by what generates it and the medium through which it travels, whether it’s air, water, or metal. Understanding wave motion is essential in addressing issues related to extrusion quality.

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