Paul Murphy Plastics: Understanding the Physics of Extrusion 

November 20, 2023

As detailed in the article “The Physics of Extrusion” on Plastics Today, this month’s exploration into extrusion focuses on the fundamental forces that govern everyday occurrences, including the impactful force of gravity. The piece delves into the principles behind gravity’s effect on the movement of objects, such as the sagging or deformation of extrudates as they emerge from the die. It emphasizes the criticality of controlling variables like cooling, temperature, and design to mitigate these effects.

Understanding the physics underpinning extrusion processes, prioritizes the mastery of these scientific principles for optimal extrusion outcomes. Recognizing the impact of various physical factors on the extrusion process, the company integrates this knowledge into their practices to ensure precision, quality, and consistency in their extruded products.

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