Paul Murphy Plastics: Elevating Efficiency for Increased Single-Screw Extruder Output

January 24, 2024

In the article “How Screw Design Can Boost Output of Single-Screw Extruders” featured on Plastics Technology Online, the focus is on enhancing the efficiency of extrusion lines. Taking a leading role in this endeavor, the company has demonstrated the key to increasing the capacity of an extrusion line—either by extending run time or boosting the rate. For lines already at full capacity, optimizing the screw design becomes a lucrative solution, delaying the need for costly new equipment.

The company exemplifies the success of rate improvement by designing new screws with deeper, optimized channels, particularly beneficial for PE resins. These optimized channels result in higher specific rates, lower discharge temperatures, and the prevention of resin degradation. The lower discharge temperatures enable significant rate increases ranging from 18% to 36%, showcasing the economic viability of this approach.

The article emphasizes the common challenge in extrusion processes where increased screw speed and rate lead to elevated discharge temperatures. Addressing this challenge, the company showcases the correlation between rate and discharge temperature, offering a visual representation in Fig. 1. This insightful approach allows operators to maximize the extrudate temperature without compromising downstream applications’ stability.

Explore Paul Murphy Plastics’ expertise in optimizing extrusion processes here.

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