Industry Applications

At Paul Murphy Plastics, we specialize in custom extruded products, for a variety of industries and applications. Here are just a few examples of the innovative solutions and value added products that we deliver every day.

Automotive Products

Since our beginning, we have produced products for automotive OEM and after-market applications. Our experience includes interior trim parts (j-clips), moldings, bindings, and spacers. We hold OEM material and color approvals and are familiar with the industry’s engineering specifications, Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and Potential Failure ModeEffects Analysis (FMEA). Our offices are strategically located near many of the industry’s design and engineering centers.

Case Studies

Extrusion of a Locating Strip for the Automotive Industry

Furniture Products

We are actively involved in the furniture industry, supplying a variety of parts including, panel top caps, t-moldings, edge bandings, wire managers, pedestal bumpers, chair control components, and marker board edge treatments. We are familiar with the unique requirements of this industry, e.g. UL standards, ISIR part approval, OFI-9000, and color / aesthetic requirements. Paul Murphy Plastics is listed as a certified supplier by the Office Furniture Industry Council.

We are also a long-time supplier to the casual furniture industry. We produce strap, sling cording/spline, belting, cover tube, and a variety of other products. Known for expert color-matching and innovative textures and finishes, we manufacture products that meet stringent outdoor performance standards. A regular testing program assures our customers of quality products.

Case Studies

Extrusion of a Top Cap for the Office Furniture Industry

Extrusion of a Board Edging for the Office Furniture Industry

Industrial Products

As a manufacturer of custom products, we have always produced parts used by other manufacturers in the products they assemble.  Our parts are used in a variety of industrial product applications, including the appliance, building product, marine, aerospace and waste control industries. We have experience with parts designed to join, seal, protect, silence, secure, reinforce, interlock, insert, cap, and slide.

Case Studies

Extrusion of a Plastic T-Tube for the Automation Equipment Industry

Extrusion of a Cord Guide for the Appliance Industry




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